Rosetta Takes a ‘Selfie’ By Mars

Rosetta Takes a ‘Selfie’ By Mars

Rosetta s self-portrait at Mars node full image.jpg

Rosetta is the ESA’s spacecraft that is due to rendezvous with a comet in August 2014. Once there the aim is to place a lander on the comet to take samples and then follow the comet as it passes around the Sun. It has been travelling a long time and in 2007 it passed just 1000 km from the surface of Mars. The lander took this picture which has recently been re-released by the ESA in colour. It passed this close to Mars to make use of Mars’ gravity. The gravity assist was one of four required to get the spacecraft onto the right trajectory to meet the comet. Rosetta is difinitely one of the space missions to watch in 2014.

Image credit: ESA/Rosetta/Philae/CIVA

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