Rosetta Spots Its Target Comet

Rosetta Spots Its Target Comet

Rosetta s first sighting of its target in 2014 narrow angle view node full image.jpg

Rosetta is one of the missions to watch this year. The spacecraft has been travelling through space for 10 years and is due to reach a comet and rendezvous with it in August this year. A few weeks ago the comet became visible to land based telescopes but now Rosetta has spotted its target. The comet is still 5 million kilometres away but the spacecraft is so far away from Earth it took 37 minutes for the pictures to be beamed back to Earth. It should be exciting to witness the images as the spacecraft approaches the comet and the pictures become much larger and more detailed. The image above shows the comet (ringed) and the beautiful globular star cluster M107.

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