New Evidence For Inflation Theory

New Evidence For Inflation Theory

BICEP2 telescope.jpg

Big news hit the TV and radio channels in the world of astronomy this week when it was announced that new evidence has been found for inflation theory. Inflation is the theory to explain the uniformity of the Universe that we observe. It is postulated that moments after the Big Bang the Universe expanded faster then the speed of light to a size 100 trillion trillion times larger in an incedible short period of time. Scientist used a device at the South pole called BICEP2. This captured polarized light from billions of years ago using superconductors. The polarized light demonstrated a characteristic pattern that is caused by gravitational waves. Discovering the gravitational waves provides more direct evidence for the inflation theory. It is hoped this information will help us to understand the forces that ripped space and time apart during the inflationary part of our Universe’s history

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Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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