Mega-Masers In Distant Galaxy NGC 5793

Mega-Masers In Distant Galaxy NGC 5793

ngc 5793 masers.jpg

This is the latest Hubble image of a very interesting galaxy. NGC 5793 is not only beautiful with its contrasting dust lane but the centre of this galaxy glows brightly. This brightness is thought to be due to a very active supermassive black hole devouring debris in the centre. But this is not the only thing interesting about this galaxy. NGC 5793 contains masers and not just any masers wither but mega-masers. A maser is like a laser but instead of emitting light it emits microwaves. The masers are found near to star forming regions. The mega-masers are so intense that they are thousands of times more luminous than our own Sun.

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Image credit: NASA, ESA, and E. Perlman (Florida Institute of Technology)

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