Kepler Finds Another 715 New Worlds

Kepler Finds Another 715 New Worlds

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The Kepler space telescope may be ailing but the data it collected when fully functional is still producing amazing results. NASA announced the discovery of another 715 exoplanets. These planets orbit around 305 different stars. 95 per cent of the new exoplanets are smaller than Neptune (4 times the size of Earth). 

The find was helped using a probability technique called verification of multiplicity. Although Kepler observed 150,000 stars several hundred were presumed to have multiple star systems. Studying these revealed the new exoplanet finds. The really exciting thing is that 4 of these planets are about Earth sized and in the parent star’s habitable zone. This is the zone within which a planet can have surface water. These new finds bring the total of known exoplanets to about 1,700 and Kepler has produced many more that are yet to be verified.

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image credit: NASA

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