Furthest New Planet Found Way Beyond Pluto

Furthest New Planet Found Way Beyond Pluto


It’s another dwarf planet. These are small planets and the classic example of one is Pluto. Pluto was originally considered one of the main planets of the Solar System but due in part to the discovery of many other small planetary bodies it was demoted and the new term dwarf planet was born. A dwarf planet is defined as abody with enough gravity to pull itself into a round shape. Now a new planet has been found way out from the Sun. This planet is sits 80 Astronomical Units away (80 times the distance of Earth from the Sun). This would put the object beyond the Kuiper Belt, which contains Pluto. The Kuiper belt occupies space 30 to 50 AU. One question is how did it get there? One theory is that a larger planetary body ejected it outwards. However, NASA recently released the WISE data that showed that no objects larger than Saturn exist up to 10,000 AU away. It’s not everyday a new planet is found and hopefully we will be able to choose its new name because 2012 VP113 isn’t that exciting.

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Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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