Explore 360 Degrees Of The Milky Way

Explore 360 Degrees Of The Milky Way 

Map of the Milky Way.jpg

Last week an interactive map of the Moon’s north pole was released that you could explore. Now NASA have a released a zoomable, 360 degree map of the Milky Way. This incredible map contains so much information that if you printed it out it would need a space as big as a stadium. Made up of over 2 million infrared images from NASA’s Spitzer telescope this incredible map contains over 20 gigapixels of information. The information from this map will guide where the James Webb telescope will be pointed (The next Hubble like space telescope). 

Go ahead and take a tour around our galaxy. See if you can find one of the many ‘bubbles’ that seem to fill our galaxy. Which is one of the many discoveries this map has provided.

The image can be found here:


Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Wisconsin

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