ESA’s Mission To Clean Up Space

ESA’s Mission To Clean Up Space

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e.DeOrbit is a mission being looked at by the European Space Agency to clean up space debris. Cleaning up space debris is not only a good idea but is becoming necessary as the number of pieces of debris hurtling around the planet at break neck speeds increases. Currently more than 17,000 pieces are being tracked and there are many more that aren’t tracked. All this debris will eventually build up and reduce the lifespan of the satellites that we rely on everyday.

e.DeOrbit will plan to clear debris between 800km to 1000km above the poles. To do this will require new technologies. The spacecraft will not only have to capture the object but also have to ascertain the uncertain state that a piece of debris could be travelling and spinning in. The spacecraft would need to calculate this uncertainty and then come up with a way to approach the object safely. The object could then be brought down into the atmosphere to be burnt.

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