Asterism - The Big Dipper

Asterism - The Big Dipper

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The most commonly recognizable constellation is actually an asterism. An asterism is part of a full constellation or any group of stars in the night sky that form a recognisable pattern. The Big Dipper can be seen throughout the year but is best seen in Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Another common name for this asterism is The Plough. The Great Bear or Ursa Major refers to the full constellation.

M51 is the whirlpool galaxy, a famous galaxy as it is a spiral face-on galaxy that is currently interacting with a nearby dwarf galaxy. This is one of the many delights that can be seen around the Plough.

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The objects listed below can be found around The Big Dipper (the Plough). Click on the picture for information on how to find the deep space object.

M97, Owl nebula:

M97, the Owl nebula





M51, the Whirlpool Galaxy:


M101, the Pinwheel Galaxy:


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