Your Chance to Position a Satellite in Space

Your Chance to Position a Satellite in Space

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That's right you have a rare opportunity to help position a real satellite in space. Not just any satellite either but the US Air Force's next generation GPS (Global positioning satellite) named GPS IIF.

Here is a video on the what the project needs you to do:

This is an exciting outreach program being held by the US Air Force Collaboratory that allows you to join them and identify the best place in space for one of the 31 satellites that make up the global positioning system that must be replaced. These are the very same satellites that your phone uses for mapping.

The Air Force is looking for people with an interest in science, technology, astronomy, engineering and mathematics to collaborate with their space command and determine the exact location for the new satellite. Once decided the satellite will be launched from Cape Canaveral.

The GPS IIF series is the next generation of Air Force GPS satellites, an integral part of a space-based navigation system that gives three-dimensional location, velocity and timing information for GPS users around the world. It is hoped that the technological advances from this will improve search and rescue missions and other projects that require exact timing and positioning from space that will hopefully save lives.

This project is the third collaboration between the Air Force and the public using unclassified projects. They allow students, teachers and innovators to directly collaborate with some of the brightest minds in the Air Force.

So if you fancy having a go at placing a $150 million satellite in space so the world can have better SatNav then you can sign up or find more information here:

Air Force Collaboratory

But if I end up 150 miles away from my destination again, like I did for my nephew's christening, when I followed the SatNav then this time I'll know who to blame! Have fun and good luck but hurry because submissions are only being accepted until the 31st November.

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