Will a Comet Hit Mars in 2014?

Will a Comet Hit Mars in 2014?

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A recently discovered comet could be on a collision course for Mars. The comet named, C/2013 A1 will fly by the red planet on 19th October 2014. It is thought the chance of a collision is low but because the comet has only recently been discovered there is a margin of error in the calculations. 

The comet is expected to pass 63,000 miles overhead but the margin of error could mean it could be anywhere from an impact with Mars to 650,000 miles away. The comet is estimated to be travelling at about 126,000 miles per hour when it passes Mars. If it hits it would make an incredibly impressive sight. But even if it doesn't hit the comet should make an incredible sight for the rovers on the surface of Mars and of course any martians we have yet to find. It would be just the Spirit rover's luck if the comet hit it directly. To learn more about the poor Spirit rover's journey on Mars click the link.

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