What to Consider When Choosing an Astronomy Telescope Video

What to Consider When Choosing an Astronomy Telescope Video

Celestron 6SE Telescope

Here is a fantastic video that clearly describes what you should be considering when choosing your astronomy telescope. It makes the point that aperture size is very important but if you get too big can cause problems with portability and cool down times which means it tends to stay locked away. The video describes the difference between refractor and reflector type telescopes. Refractors tend to be better with contrast but have problems with colour artefacts unless you purchase a very expensive apochromatic refractor. At the end of the video the author recommends telescopes based on your requirements and budget. It's a well produced and entertaining video by Thunderf00t that is well worth a look if you are considering buying a telescope soon. You can find the Learn Astronomy HQ guide to things to consider when buying a telescope here.

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