What Can I See On The Moon?

What Can I See On The Moon?


The Lunar 100 is a list of moon targets akin to the Messier list. Many of us have looked at the moon and seen some craters and mountain ranges maybe noted the seas but then moved on and never really got to know our nearest celestial body. The Messier list is usually where novice backyard astronomers go hunting for space objects.  However, the moon is visible in all but the most terrible of light pollution and can easily be located in the sky. It makes sense then that we should probably spend more time learning about it. The Lunar 100 lists a hundred lunar targets in increasing difficulty. L1 is the moon itself, L2 is earthshine but L100 is the Mare Marginis Swirls that could be magnetic field deposits. All the Lunar targets are visible through a 3 inch telescope and make the moon a far more interesting and enjoyable target to spend some time observing.


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