What Are White Holes?

What Are White Holes?

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You have probably heard of black holes, but did you know there is a ying to the black hole's yang? Welcome to weird world of white holes that spew light and matter into the Universe and that nothing can enter, well theoretically at least.

So do these opposites of black holes exist. The answer is that they exist in equations but haven't been identified in nature for certain. This has led to many ideas as to how they may manifest in nature. Here are some of the theories.

Theories As To What White Holes Might Be

Some people think they may be at the opposite end of a black hole, a bit like a wormhole. Where a black hole sucks matter and light into itself the other end of the black hole could be spewing the light and matter back out as a white hole either in a different universe or some other place in our universe. 

Another theory is that a white hole may be responsible for the Big Bang. A white hole shouldn't last for long as the immense gravity from all the matter that it releases would make it collapse back down under gravity almost instantaneously.

Others suggest that a black hole and a white hole are the same thing. This comes about due to a mathematical reasoning of Hawking radiation. Hawking radiation is predicted to be emitted from black holes.

Any Evidence?

Not really. The closest we have come is to the unusual gamma ray burst identified in 2006. This was a long lasting burst (102 seconds) and after 5 years of research it was concluded that it may have been a white hole but not enough evidence exists. Ah well, we'll just have to wait for the next weird burst and be quick to turn our telescopes to it.

Image by: Thiagochackal

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