Want to Live on Mercury?

Want to Live on Mercury?

Mercury our future home?


This article is a fantastic look at what a colony living on Mercury might experience and looks at the mathematics and feasibility of a colony there. The article states that underground living on Mercury would be an enjoyable experience and has many benefits. An example is solar power would be far stronger and able to power just about anything. Sunlight is also in rich abundance due to the apparent tidal-locking of Mercury to the Sun. This means the same side of Mercury faces the Sun at all times (Mercury isn't truly tidal-locked. Due to its eccentric orbit it actually rotates 3 times in every 2 orbits around the Sun).

Agriculture could be supported as there is enough water on Mercury to support this. The water is found at the bottom of craters. The soil on Mercury appears to have a similar composition to that on Earth. The unknown elements being the rather important Carbon and Nitrogen though.

Soberingly, the article concludes by saying that we would need to do this soon before the human race expend our resources on Earth.

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