The Dogon and Sirius B Mystery

The Dogon and Sirius B Mystery

Sirius A and B  Credit: NASA ESA

Sirius A and B Hubble photo NASA ESA.jpg

Here is one of those fascinating stories of ancient astronomy. In Mali, West Africa live the Dogon tribe whose traditions date back to around 3200 BC. Their ancient traditions tell of a race of people that visited them and gave them knowledge about the Sirius system. The Dogon have known about the existence of a small, dense star that orbits Sirius A. This star was discovered in about 1862 through a telescope and named Sirius B. The race that visited them were said to come from a planet orbiting a third smaller star. This star has only recently been inferred in 1995 in the publication Astronomy and Astrophysics.


So have we been visited, a coincidence or caused by something else. You can find out more here on the pros and cons of the mystery.

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