Super Earth Found in the Goldilocks Zone

Super Earth Found in the Goldilocks Zone

Habitable zone - HZ.png

The Goldilocks zone is the distance from a star that liquid water could exist on the surface. It’s not too hot or too cold but just right. A Planet about seven times the size of Earth has been found in the Goldilocks zone around a star about 40 light years away. The planet is thought to be rocky (although this needs to be confirmed) and so, could well harbour surface water. Being this distance from the star means the planet probably experiences night and day like Earth unlike the tidally locked planets that tend to be found closer to the parent star. Also, the star is 4.5 billion years old which is about the same as our own Sun. This exoplanet is interesting as it may be rocky, unlike Keplar-22b which was the most likely candidate for Earth 2.0.

Image credit: Habitable_zone-en.svg: Chewie


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