Send Your Name Into Space Aboard OSIRIS-REx

Send Your Name Into Space Aboard OSIRIS-REx

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Here’s a chance to become part of a NASA mission. You can send your name which will be etched on a microchip aboard the OSIRIS-REx mission that will travel to the 500m wide asteroid called Bennu in 2016. The mission will collect samples of the asteroid and return them to Earth for analysis. 

If you like or follow the mission on Facebook or Twitter you will receive updates on where your name is in space. 

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NASA/Goddard/Chris Meaney

Find out more here:

Send your name on OSIRIS-REx 

If you want your name to travel in space you can submit your details here before the 30th Sept:

Names to Bennu

And you will receive a certificate like the one below:

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It’s a bit of fun, but a great way to get the kids involved in space missions.

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