Facts about planet Mercury

Mercury Facts

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Here is a list of fun facts about the planet Mercury. If you know of any more please leave a comment and if it checks out I'll add it to the list.

  • Mercury has the fastest year of all the planets lasting only 88 days
  • Mercury has the slowest day of all the planets which Iasts 180 days, making a day longer than a year.
  • If you weighed 150 pounds on Earth you would weigh only 57 pounds on Mercury.
  • Having such long days the sunny side can reach 427 degrees Celsius whereas the night side drops to a chilly -184 degrees Celsius.
  • Mercury is the most heavily cratered planet in the solar system.
  • It has the largest crater in the Solar System, named the Caloris Basin which measures 900 miles in diameter.

  • Shockwaves from the Caloris meteorite created an area of terrain officially called "Weird Terrain" due to its strange shapes and formations.
  • If the Caloris meteorite had hit Earth it would have probably caused a tsunami 2,000 feet high and a 75,000 mile shockwave.
  • Mercury has ice at its polar caps in the base of craters that never see sunlight.
  • There is evidence of volcanism in Mercury's past. It is now thought to be a 'dead' planet.
  • If you stood on the surface and played a guitar you wouldn't hear it because of the lack of an atmosphere.

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