Married and Middle Aged, Fancy a Trip to Mars?

Married and Middle Aged, Fancy a Trip to Mars?

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If you fit the criteria above you may become eligible for a trip to Mars! The Inspiration Mars Foundation headed by the multimillionaire Dennis Tito has said that it would look for a married and middle aged crew to man it's flyby of Mars. The project is aiming to to leave Earth on 5 Jan 2018, fly by Mars on 20 Aug 2018 and return to Earth on 21 May 2019. This 501 day round trip would test any couple's mantle. 

The dates are to take advantage of the alignment of Mars and Earth to make the trip fuel efficient. It is a tight deadline but if it is missed the next alignment wont be until 2031.

There a few systems that still need to be developed in this short time window. These include a rocket capable of lifting the Mars capsule into flight. The aim is to use SpaceX's Falcon Heavy Rocket. Although, this is yet to fly. Other systems would be a heat shield for the record re-entry speed into Earth's atmosphere, a life support system and a radiation shield. One option for the radiation shield would be to line the capsule's walls with faeces.

If you fancy being the first couple to fly to Mars and don't mind spending 501 days staring at a wall covered in your own excrement than this could be the trip of a lifetime.

To find out more information you can visit their website:

P.S. While you are there maybe you could have a look in the Southern hemisphere and tell me what this weird looking polypoid thing is. I found this whilst doing the planet four citizen project. For more unusual pictures of the martian surface look at this post.

polyp on Mars.jpg

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