Living On The International Space Station (ISS)

Living On The International Space Station (ISS)


Ever wondered what it must be like to live on the International Space Station (ISS)? Having planet Earth as your view from the window, floating about in zero gravity. This fascinating and fun video by one of the Commanders of the ISS before she returned to Earth after six months is a great insight into what living on the ISS is like.

You'll be taken on a personal tour around the space station. From the kitchen to the four bedrooms. One in the floor, one each wall and one in the ceiling!

You can see the exercise room and, strangely one of the most interesting areas is, the toilet complete with Huggies wipes and a rather disturbing mental picture of the mess that can occur if your aim is off.

Fascinating from start to finish and well worth a watch if only for the observing capsule alone.

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