Largest Non-Earth River on Titan

Largest Non-Earth River on Titan

Titan River

The Cassini probe orbiting around Saturn's moon Titan recently found a long river. The river is about 250 miles long, which isn't that large compared to Earth rivers like the Nile. It is about the same length as the river Thames in the UK. Titan is an interesting moon as it contains a thick atmosphere. On its surface it has lakes and rivers of methane mixed with ethane. The mountains are perversely made of ice because of the incredible low temperatures. 

The image taken by the Cassini fly-by is fascinating as it looks so familiar to river systems seem here on Earth. The river is found in the north of Titan and the delta flows into one of the three great seas called Ligea mare.

For more information on Titan visit NASA at the link below:

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASI

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