Just How Big Is The Milky Way?

Just How Big Is The Milky Way?


Ever wondered how big our very own Milky Way galaxy is compared to the rest? This infographic by Rhysy demonstrates how we fair against some of our galactic neighbours. The Milky Way can be seen in the middle. If you click on the picture above you can see it much closer up and zoom in on areas of interest. The bottom line is that with a galactic span of 100,000 light years we are pretty average. Our nearest neighbour Andromeda is about the same size but it cheats a bit as it has a larger, fainter ring of stars that means it has a total span of about 220,000 light years. So it is a bit over twice as large as us. This is not good news for our Milky Way as we are therefore likely to be cannibalised by Andromeda when our galaxies collide in a few billion years time.

If you want to know how we fair against the largest known galaxy then read 'Which is the biggest galaxy known?'

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