How to Use Moon Filters Video

How to Use Moon Filters Video


Ever wondered what use a moon filter is? I don't know about you but sometimes I can see the bright light emanating from the eyepiece and think to myself I really don't want to look down there. It's a bit like somebody waking you up from sleep in the middle of the night and then shining a torch in your eyes. 

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The main reason for using them is to reduce the glare from the moon. This makes it easier to spend some time looking at the moon without developing eye fatigue. The filter is great at bringing contrast to the features on the moon. This allows you to see more detail, especially if you are viewing the moon when it is full.

The moon filters in the video by Orion come in 25%, 13% and variable percent light transmission. The 25% filter allows more light through and so, is better for smaller telescopes upto about a 4 inch aperture. The 13% filter is best used in larger telescopes from 4.5 inch and up. Orion also produce a variable filter that the video demonstrates. By twisting the base you can adjust the range of light transmission from 1 to 40%.

The moon filter simply screws into the bottom of your eyepiece and then slot your chosen eyepiece into your telescope and your ready to view the moon in all its glory and in comfort too.

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