How To Stop Your Iphone Ruining Night Vision

How To Stop Your Iphone Ruining Night Vision

Iphone backlight can ruin night vision

You have just spent 20 minutes getting your eyes adapted to the dark and then somebody rings you. The iPhone backlight shines brightly in your eyes and with that your night vision is gone. You now have to wait another 20 mins to adapt to the dark again before you can see those faint fuzzies. If you have an iphone or ipad you have probably come across this whilst observing the night sky. Whether it happens when somebody rings you or if you are using your device as a star chart or finding something out about the object you are looking at on the internet either way it can be annoying.

Here is a short guide to help you to prevent losing your night vision with these devices.

1. Turn Down the Brightness

You can adjust the backlight brightness from the Brightness and Wallpaper menu which is found in Settings. Slide the bar to the left and switch Auto-Brightness to OFF

iphone brightness.jpg

2. Invert Colors

Next from Settings, go into General and then into Accessibility. Slide Invert Colors to ON. The picture shows you what the Learn Astronomy HQ's constellation guide looks like with inverted colors.

invert color iphone.jpg

3. Use Rubylith

Reuseable iphone screen protector

Rubylith is a polyester based film filter that can be stuck to a reuseable iphone or ipad screen protector. It filters out all non red light. It can be purchased from here: Rubylith

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