How to Sketch Galaxies Video

How to Sketch Galaxies Video

If you find astrophotography expensive or a headache, but would really like to have some pictures of the things you observe in the night sky then sketching might be the answer. Astronomical sketching is a great skill to develop and can be very relaxing at the eyepiece. This often overlooked part of amateur astronomy can also be rewarding but many people don't know how to start. 

This excellent video by Jeremy Perez demonstrates the technique for sketching galaxies and goes over the equipment you need to create some masterpiece sketches of deep space objects. The sketch starts by placing the main stars and then the galaxy's centres are applied with a blending stump. The fainter stars are then filled in. To develop the galaxies, a graphite patch is laid down on the paper separately from the picture and used to pick up graphite to apply to the picture with a blending stump. Detailing can be added with a pencil and highlights with a kneaded rubber eraser.

This is a very inexpensive way to create some astroimages, why don't you give it a try?

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