How to Set Up Sky-Watcher's EQ5 Mount Video

How to Set Up SkyWatcher's EQ5 Mount Video

This video nicely demonstrates the Sky Watcher 200P EQ5. This is an excellent and affordable 8 inch reflector telescope on an equatorial mount. You can follow the link for more information. This video starts out by explaining how to balance the telescope. The optical tube is slid back and forth in its holders till the balance point is found and then the weights are slid in and out to balance the optical tube to the weights. A well balanced telescope allows you to move it easily and it will stay in position when you let go. 

Next the video shows you a simple polar alignment technique. One of the tripod legs has an 'N' on it for North. Point this leg towards the pole star, polaris. Then, remove the cap from the centre of the tripod to reveal an alignment cross hair that you centre with Polaris. After aligning to the pole star, connect up your motor drive and then use the finderscope to identify your night sky target.

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