How Long Would It Take For Humans To Populate The Galaxy?

How Long Would It Take For Humans To Populate The Galaxy?

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It's a very interesting question and the immediate answer that springs to mind is never. However, using current technology or technology that should become available in the next 100 years it has been calculated that the human race could indeed colonise the Milky Way. Surprisingly, given the size of the galaxy and the length of time humans have been on Earth already this time is pretty short.

The answer was calculated as around 1 million years to populate the galaxy with humans. This is amazing when you consider humans have been around for 2.2 million years already on Earth. However, it does make you wonder that if it is possible with our technology where are all the aliens in the Milky Way? Surely, some aliens would have had time to start populating the galaxy by now. 

The full thought experiment and working out can be found at the following link below:

Image credit: NASA

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