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Fun Facts of the Week - 27th Jan 2013

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Footprints left by the astronauts on the moon would theoretically last forever due to the lack of wind. 

Although the good people on Twitter and Facebook pointed out that micrometeorites, the Sun's demise and the liquefaction of the moon would all remove them after a while. So maybe it should say last for a very long time instead. 

Image by NASA

Footprint on moon

Want to lose weight? Live on the moon. If you weighed 100kg on Earth you would only weigh 38kg on the moon. 
A keen sighted person on facebook noted that kilograms is a unit of mass not weight. So this should read 980 newtons on Earth would be 353.4 newtons on the moon.

Image by NASA

astronaut jumping

It takes 30,000 years for the light of the sun to reach us. All but 8 mins of that time is taken up travelling from the sun's core to it's surface. 

This proved to be a controversial fact, generating a good discussion and a tweet to Prof. Brian Cox! The fun fact explanation is that a photon produced by a fusion reaction in the Sun's core is subject to the "random walk" as it tries to escape from the Sun. The randon walk is when the photon keeps bumping into other particles in the dense plasma core of the Sun, this causes the photon to zigzag and eventually find it's way out of the core. The process probably takes much longer than the 30,000 years stated here. It probably takes hundreds of thousands of years for the light to reach us on Earth. The last 8 minutes being the quick zip across the 93 million miles of space between the surface of the Sun and the Earth.

Solar eclipse partial

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