Earth Speaks - Your Chance To Talk To Aliens

Earth Speaks - Your Chance To Talk To Aliens

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Have you ever wondered what you would say or show an alien if we ever made contact? Now you can have your say thanks to SETI. The institute that searches for extraterrestial life has a website called Earth Speaks. This website is a research project that collects messages that people from around the world would say to aliens on first contact. The aim is to gather enough information to create a message that represents the whole, global human race. You can upload messages, sounds or pictures to the website and peruse the messages that have already been posted.

With the Keplar telescope discovering so many Earth-like planets now, SETI can start to direct it's listening telescopes to specific stars known to harbour Earth-like worlds. The hunt for a needle in a haystack suddenly became a bit easier.

Head on over to Earth Speaks and leave a message, you never know…..

Image credit: Colby Gutierrez-Kraybill

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