Don't Miss The Planetary Triangles

Don't Miss The Planetary Triangles Till The End Of May

Planets in triangle 24th May 2013.jpg

From now till the end of May a quite rare phenomenon is occurring. Three planets are all close to each other and forming lovely triangular patterns in the early sunset sky. Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are the planets involved and the best day to look for them will be on Sunday 26th May 2013 when they will form an equilateral triangle.

The shot above is one I took on the 24th May 2013 of the right angle triangle. The brightest and lowest planet is Venus. The far left is Jupiter and the right is Mercury. Camera settings were ISO 200, f 5.3, exposure 1/6 sec and focal length 220mm.

To observe and hopefully get some pictures of this rare encounter you will need to be watching the very low northwestern horizon shortly after sunset. This is about 22.00 in the UK (BST). Mercury is the dimmest of the three planets but at -0.9 to -0.5 magnitude it should still be visible to the naked eye.

Best of luck with the weather and I hope you get a chance to see this meeting of the planets. If you do get some shots please send them to me to show on this page.

Planets in triangle.jpg

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