Best Stargazing Events in 2013

Best Stargazing Events in 2013

2013 best astronomy events

If you want a list of impressive events happening in the sky over you in 2013 then this list would suffice nicely. This list of the best stargazing in 2013 has been constructed by and the full article can be found by following the link below. Are you looking forward to anything in particular. Please leave a comment to let us know. I am particularly looking forward to trying to see the comets PANSTARRS and ISON. If ISON lives up to its reputation it could be one of the best celestial events in recent history. Some say it may shine as bright as the full moon. That would be a memorable sight to remember forever. So, fingers crossed for November.

If you see any of these events let us know what you experienced or post some images if you get them below.

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