Amateur Planet Hunters Find 43 Possible Exoplanets

Amateur Planet Hunters Find 43 Possible Exoplanets

Habitable zones for different star types

Following on from the recent blog post Find your own exoplanet the volunteers at have identified 43 possible new exoplanets. One of them has been confirmed as a Jupiter sized planet. Fourteen others are thought to be in habitable zones. 

Gas giants in habitable zones are becoming more exciting than previously thought. Jupiter's moon Europa could harbour life in our own solar system and it has 63 moons in total to date. The moons of these gas giants could be the places that life exists especially if they are in the habitable zone. is a great place to visit on the web if you would like to try and find a new exoplanet but don't have the equipment needed. The recent planet found had over 40 volunteers acknowledged in the publication. 

The image above shows the changing position of the habitable zones depending on the parent star.

Image credit: Habitable_zone-en.svgChewie

For more information on the planet hunters find visit:

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